I am a 32 year old Texan, and proud of it.

I know that my purpose, my reason for being, the thing that lights me up is HELPING/SERVING OTHERS.

My commitment to holding space for others in a non judgmental environment, being an active listener, asking hard questions, having empathy, a heart centered approach, compassion for others, vulnerability, transparency, and a BIG heart allows me to be the SUPPORT system you need to make the changes you want so that you can be the BEST version of yourself. 

Hey there!


Change can be hard to tackle on your own, especially when our behaviors have become so much of who we are. My goal, my purpose, my WHY here at New Moon Wellbeing is to motivate, educate, and support YOU in behavioral change in order to CLAIM YOUR POWER, take charge of your health, and for YOU to feel and be the best version of yourself possible!

We go to our doctors when something doesn't feel right, but because doctors are not versed in nutrition and lifestyle behaviors as much as they should be, they often send you home with a prescription ($$$), some sort of surgery ($$$), advice but NO support, OR nothing at all. QUICK/TEMPORARY FIX. NOT COOL.

Or, maybe, because of the outrageous prices of healthcare in this country, you aren't able to have health insurance, let alone are you able afford to go to the doctor when something doesn't feel right. 

Maybe later down the road, because of these quick/temporary fixes and/or lack of access to health care, you end up with something more serious

My WHY is to MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, and SUPPORT YOU in order to:

  • Approach your "health" in a holistic frame of mind (so not just nutrition and exercise, but more of a mind+body approach)

  • "Heal" your symptoms at the root, not just "treat" them in a temporary way

  • PREVENT health issues, so you dont need the hospital, the doctor, prescriptions, surgeries, etc. In other words: TAKE BACK POWER OF YOUR HEALTH

  • REACH YOUR GOALS, whatever they are



My Pops.


I'm Hannah! 

So lovely to meet you!

I know your time is precious, so I am just going to give you some facts and a quick summary of how I ended up here with you:

  • Worked in the Food Industry for 10+ years as a Baker/Pastry chef, line cook, prep cook, kitchen management, catering manager, owner/operator (Vegan Dairy business + Bakery), etc.

  • Attended the Culinary Magnet at my high school

  • Forever student (went to school for Psychology/Anthropology + Nutrition and Dietetics, Institute of Integrative Nutrition)

  • Experienced Health Coach with a focus on Weight change, behavioral change, food sensitivities/intolerances, Vegan, Vegetarian, high blood pressure/cholesterol, and many dietary lifestyles

  • Experienced with public speaking and business development in relation to Health+Nutrition+Wellbeing

  • Passion for PEOPLE, and connecting! It's my SUPER POWER.

  • Passion for Dogs! Art! Music! Tarot! Ayurveda! Yoga! Meditation! Juicing! Cooking! Baking! Reading! 

I am also a graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

After being in the food industry for a long time, my father was diagnosed with cancer. After going through chemo and radiation, and noticing the effect it had on his quality of life, he made the decision to no longer endure the treatments, but instead, focused on his NUTRITION which had a HUGE effect on his wellbeing. After seeing this, I took my passion for food, and learned about how food IS MEDICINE, which led to my education in school and on my own. He is no longer with us, but he remains my reason for wanting to help people take back the power of their health. 

My story