Unlocking Us Podcast

Anything related to Brene Brown is amazing and beautiful! This is no different

Yoga at home with Yoga with Adriene

For all levels of yogis, Adriene is super cool/quirky and guides you through each session

Sage Smudge Kit

Rid your space of negativity!

Trust the Universe Ring

A nice reminder to trust and listen to the universe!

Ultrasonic Humidifying Essential oil Diffuser

Aromatherapeutic, and humidifying. Has auto-shut off and calming colors!

Omega Vert VRT350 Juicer

My favorite masticating juicer! This is the one I use (I purchased mine used!)

Imperfect Produce!

Love this for all the reasons, but also because it motivates you to be more creative in the kitchen and with your juicing. Plus, you are rescuing produce! SAVE THE PLANET!

Johnsons Backyard Garden

Locally grown, organic produce!